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Application Of Terrestrial Laser Scanner In Ancient Building Modeling

Application Of Terrestrial Laser Scanner In Ancient Building Modeling


  Ancient architecture continues the historical context and is the carrier of human civilization. With the development of society, the value of ancient buildings has gradually been highly valued by people. We must take active measures to protect and utilize ancient buildings. The process of protection and utilization requires accurate mapping of ancient buildings. The traditional structural drawings by architects and measured by ground close range photogrammetry can express the key parts and overall structure of buildings. However, due to the limitations of technical means, it is difficult to quickly map ancient buildings and clearly express the 3D space of buildings. With the development of economy and the continuous innovation of science and technology, 3D laser scanning technology, a high and new technology recently developed in the world, has great advantages. Through the principle of laser ranging (including pulse-based laser and phase-based laser), using the spatial point cloud data obtained by 3D laser scanning technology, the 3D visual model of the scene with complex and irregular structure can be quickly established, which saves both time and effort. This ability is incomparable to the current 3D modeling software. As a new high-tech product, 3D laser scanner has been successfully applied in the fields of cultural relics protection, urban building survey, topographic mapping and so on. 

 I. Project introduction

  Recently, Hi-Cloud cooperated with a partner to scan ancient buildings in the Qing Dynasty with a 3D laser scanner in a certain place in Hebei province. Until then, the partner has been using traditional methods (tape measure, sketch drawing, aerial ladder, etc.) to carry out detailed measurement of ancient buildings, which is time-consuming, laborious and inefficient.

  Equipment list:


  Ø Effective Range: 500m;

  Ø Built-in compass and inclinometer

  Ø Laser emission frequency: 500k points/s

  Ø Range accuracy: 5mm@40m

  Ø Panoramic resolution: 70M pixels (external camera)



External camera

  II. Project difficulties

  Ø High measurement accuracy is required

  Ø Difficult measurement

  Ø Abundant requirement of measurement details

  Ø High requirements of 3D model details

  Ø A mass of irregular parts measurements

  III. Solution

  The equipment used is HS series high precision 3D laser scanner, which is a pulse-based terrestrial 3D laser scanning equipment. It is very suitable for topographic mapping, mining survey and other large scene area survey applications.

  Product advantages: The equipment has a measurement accuracy of 5mm, the maximum range can reach 1200m. The whole equipment has IP64 protection grade, and can be used continuously for more than 4h. It has a built-in 240G solid state hard disk. This operation mainly collects the point cloud and panorama of the channel area.

  The supporting software has the functions of point cloud pre-processing, panoramic and point cloud registration and coloring, point cloud classification and filtering, digital mapping, extraction of vector elements , etc..




  Project workflow:



High Precision 3D Laser Scanner
HS500i/HS650i/HS1000i high precision 3D laser scanner are pulse based,full waveform, high

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