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Application of Airborne LiDAR In Emergency Surveying And Mapping

Application of Airborne LiDAR In Emergency Surveying And Mapping


  Since March 2019, Fujian Province has affected by continuous precipitation. The rainfall of 309 townships in 55 counties (cities and districts) in Fujian Province has exceeded 50mm, and that of 102 townships in 25 counties (cities and districts) has exceeded 100mm. This precipitation process has the characteristics of long time, wide range, concentrated precipitation and short-term strong convective weather, which is very likely to cause secondary disasters such as flooding in small and medium-sized watersheds, flash floods, urban and rural flooding and landslides.

1 project Overview

  On the evening of May 30, we received a call from the client and rushed to the area overnight to carry out investigation and emergency support of hidden dangers of geology disasters.

  The area is located in the catchment area between the Wuyi Mountains and the Daiyun Mountains, which is prone to geology disasters. The heavy rainfall in recent days is likely to cause a variety of secondary disasters, which seriously threatens the lives and property safety of the people at the foot of the mountains. Therefore there is an urgently need for scientific means to assist in analysis and decision-making.



Rush to the disaster area

  2 Project Requirements

  In this project, the emergency monitoring of the urban area close to the mountains by UAV is required. One of them is to obtain accurate data and analyze them through scientific means to obtain monitoring results such as landslide points, landslide area and catchment route, so as to assist the decision making of flood control and disaster relief.



UAV monitoring area

  3 Solutions



ARS-1000 Airborne Laser Measurement System

  ARS-1000 airborne laser measurement system takes the rotor UAV/unmanned electric Helicopter platform as the carrier, integrates sensors such as high-precision laser, GPS, IMU, etc.. It is supported by time synchronization technology of independent intellectual property and integrated multi-sensor integration technology, can synchronously obtains 3D laser point cloud, POS data and image data. With the equipped data processing and application software, DSM and DEM can be quickly generated, and DLG and 3D models can be made. Due to its light weight, easy to carry and high efficiency in result processing, the system is widely used in emergency survey, small-scale topographic survey and mapping, power line inspection, highway survey, coastal island survey, excavation and filling volume calculation, archaeological survey and mapping, geology disaster survey, etc.

  Technical parameters



  After four days of hard work under adverse weather conditions, the high-precision point cloud and image data of the mountains in the area were obtained in the rain. The total area is about 12km². The obtained data were used to generate fine DEM models, real scene 3D models. Based on various types of high-precision data, catchment area analysis and inundation analysis are carried out to identify the prone points of geology disasters. The comprehensive early warning smart system for geology disaster was established to make a greater contribution to protecting the land of Bamin area.



Operation site



Operation site



Operation site

  Through hydrological analysis on the fine digital elevation model, the path of surface runoff and final catchment locations were obtained, the low-lying areas in urban areas which are prone to ponding were identified, and reasonable suggestions were provided based on the drainage carrying capacity of the areas through which surface runoff flows.

  4 Data Results



High precision DEM results





High precision DLG line drawing

  5 Product Recommended

  (1)Ars-1000/1000L airborne laser measurement system

  (2)Zhi Hui PM-1500 airborne laser measurement system

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