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Point Cloud Fusion SW

Point Cloud Fusion SW

HD DataCombine is a professional point cloud pre-processing software independently developed by Wuhan Hi-Cloud Technology Co.,Ltd.. It is used to fuse and calculate the original files of multiple sensors of Hi-Cloud mobile measurement system, and output the geodetic coordinate point cloud files. The software mainly provides the functions such as trajectory calculation, Hi-Cloud cloud tracing, point cloud fusion, point cloud quality inspection, accuracy verification, point cloud correction, point cloud coloring, etc. It supports fusion processing of massive point cloud data collected by various 3D laser scanning systems,such as airborne, vehicle-mounted and backpack.


Main interface

Main Functions

(1) Supports trajectory calculation of the original observation data of GNSS and generates POS trajectory file.



Trajectory calculation

(2) Supports base station-free trajectory calculation service, the client-side automatically uploads mobile station data to the cloud, after cloud calculation, the users download to the local for point cloud calculation.


Cloud service

(3) Supports quality inspection of the collected original data and fused point cloud data, including quality inspection of original data, quality and overlap analysis inspection of routes, quality inspection of point clouds, etc.


Original data inspection

Overlap analysis of flight strip

Density quality inspection

Point cloud cavity inspection

Point cloud range inspection

(4) Supports the data fusion processing of multiple original formats, and supports the output of point cloud files in multiple formats, as shown in the following figure.


Data Fusion

(5) Supports visual browsing of massive point cloud , provides rich and diverse point cloud rendering and view browsing methods, including elevation rendering, intensity rendering, multi-echo rendering,etc.


Elevation rendering

Intensity rendering


Multi-echo rendering

(6) When the POS data quality of POS calculation is not good, the absolute accuracy verification provides the correction function based on control points and DLG, as shown in the figure below.

Trajectory correction

(7) Supports coloring operation for the vehicle point cloud generated by fusion, as shown in the following figure.


Vehicle point cloud coloring

(8) Support coloring to the airborne point cloud data using original image or orthophoto image.


Airborne point cloud coloring

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