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HD PtCloud Vector

HD PtCloud Vector

HD PtCloud Vector software is a professional symbolic digital mapping and database building software developed based on AutoCAD / ArcGIS platform. It includes two professional platform software products: point cloud digital mapping software ( HD PtCloud Vector For AutoCAD ), point cloud mapping and database building software ( HD PtCloud Vector For ArcGIS ) .

Using 3D laser point cloud and real scene data, through a variety of interpretation and acquisition functions,it can quickly and easily extract feature information, and provide users with a whole process mapping and database building solution from mapping, updating to database building, which meets the needs of various professional or industry mapping and database building requirements. It can be widely used in basic topographic surveying and mapping,road reconstruction and expansion survey and mapping, urban management components census update and other fields.


Point cloud digital mapping and database building software(HD PtCloud Vector)

Digital mapping and database building software interface

Main Function

⑴Supports the loading of massive point cloud data, provides a variety of point cloud rendering, editing, automatic filtering and density adjustment functions to improve the interpretation effect.



Intensive rendering


Elevation rendering


Color loop rendering


RGB rendering


⑵Provides a complete map symbol library, which conforms to the standard graphic symbols of topographic maps, and supports user-defined map symbols.



⑶Provides digital symbol mapping function based on laser point cloud and real scene images.

①Point acquisition : Point function captures point cloud to create data elements. If the element has Z value attribute, the elevation information of point cloud can be automatically captured to fill Z value,and the point cloud can be used for mapping in 3D view.



②Linear acquisition : Measuring linear elements in point cloud, if the elements has Z value attribute, the elevation information of point cloud can be automatically captured to fill the Z value.



③Surface acquisition : Measuring surface elements in point clouds, if the elements has Z value attribute,the elevation information of point cloud can be automatically captured to fill Z value.



④Panoramic mapping : When some ground objects are invisible due to factors such as point cloud occlusion, they can be measured by panoramic mapping method. Click the position on the corresponding ground objects in the panoramic view, the corresponding ground object symbols will be automatically drawn into the main view.



⑷Supports automatic generation of terrain contour based on point cloud.



⑸Provides rich data output interface to support common GIS data format export.



⑹The above mapping and database building software functions are supported in AutoCAD / ArcGIS environment.

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