Fully master the core technology of 3D laser, and have formed the layout of a full series of 3D laser "sea, land and air" product lines.

High-Precision Laser Mobile Measurement System

HiScan-C High-Precision Laser Mobile Measurement System

HiScan-C laser mobile measurement system adopts the laser scanner independently developed by Wuhan Hi-Cloud Technology Co., Ltd., and integrates sensors such as satellite positioning module (GNSS), inertial navigation unit (IMU), mileage encoder, 360° panoramic camera, assembly control module, and high-performance computers. It can be easily installed on cars, ships or other mobile carriers, and can quickly obtain high-density laser point clouds and high-definition panoramic images during the movement, and can easily complete the vector map database construction , geographic data production and street view data production. It is widely used in digital city, road design for reconstruction and expansion, street view map service, strip topographic mapping, urban management component survey, transportation infrastructure measurement, mine measurement, waterway and embankment measurement, island reef shoreline measurement, and other fields.


Easy to store

pluggable data storage design.

Easy to operate

simple and convenient operation

High precision

high point cloud density, high point recognition rate, high measurement accuracy.

High reliability

high degree of productization, stable and reliable system.

High intelligence

seamless integration of point cloud and panorama.


small size and multiple carriers, greatly reducing the blind area of operation

Easy to store: pluggable data storage design.

Type/Model HiScan-C SU1 HiScan-C SU1
Number of Sacnners 1 2
Range Measurement 150m/300/600m@90%(optional) 150m/300/600m@90%(optional)
Laser Frequency Max. 500,000 points/s Max. 1,000,000 points/s
Range Accuracy 5mm@40m 5mm@40m
Angular Measurement Resolution 0.0088° 0.0088°
Panorama Camera Ladybug/HD Camera(optional) Ladybug/HD Camera(optional)
Panorama Camera Resolution 30M/75M pixels 30M/75M pixels
Accuracy 5cm@100m 5cm@100m
Scan Speed 200scans/s 200scans/s
Weight 13kg 36kg


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