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Application of HS Series 3D Laser Scanner in Soil and Water Conservation Monitoring

Application of HS Series 3D Laser Scanner in Soil and Water Conservation Monitoring


  With the continuous development of economy and society, the development and construction projects throughout the country are gradually increasing, and the phenomenon of man-made soil erosion has become increasingly prominent. In the quantitative study of soil erosion in development and construction projects, some measurement methods are difficult to meet the relevant requirements at this stage. With the development and popularization of high technology, 3D laser scanning technology can quickly obtain 3D point cloud data on the surface of scanned objects, generate high-precision and high-resolution digital terrain models, etc., providing new technical means for monitoring of soil and water conservation.

1. Project Overview

  The project is located in a city in Western China, mainly in mountainous terrain and gully terrain, with the large vegetation coverage and the large topographical changes, which brings great challenges to the surveying and mapping work of the operators. The project area is about 150m*200m, the height difference is about 35m, and it is the open trench topography.


2. Project requirements and difficulties

  Achievement requirements: quickly obtain surface coordinates, generate digital elevation model DEM, topographic map and archive them, compare and analyze the data after regular scanning.

  Project difficulties: There are many vegetation in the gully, the terrain changes greatly, and the line of sight is easily to be blocked.

3. Solution

  The equipment used is the HS series high-precision 3D laser scanner, which is a pulse-base terrestrial 3D laser scanning equipment, which is very suitable for large scene area surveying applications such as topographic mapping and mine survey.

  Product advantages: The equipment has a measurement accuracy of 5mm, the maximal measurement range can reach 1000m. The whole machine has IP64 protection grade, and can be used continuously above 4H. It has a built-in 240G solid state hard disk. This operation mainly collects the point cloud and panoramic view of the channel area.

  The supporting software has the functions of point cloud pre-processing, panoramic and point cloud registration and coloring, point cloud classification filtering, digital mapping, extraction of vector elements, volume calculation, early warning analysis , etc..




4. Achievements display

  Use HD SCENE software to calculate point cloud data to obtain visualized multi-site point cloud data.

  Use HD SCENE software to registrate the point clouds of data from 7 station together to form a complete gully point cloud.

  Use HD_3ls_Scene software to remove noise points such as vegetation and trees, and extract ground points.



Point cloud pre-processing



Point cloud registration



Point cloud denoising



Topographic map

  5.Project summary

  The HS series high-precision 3D laser scanner is used in the field survey of this project to collect point cloud data from 7 stations. It takes 1.5 hours to obtain 3D data information of gully efficiently and quickly. For complex, dangerous, and inaccessible areas as well as the area limited by traditional measuring instruments, all-weather data collection can be carried out by using 3D laser scanner.

  It takes 3H to finish the internal processing, registration, coordinate conversion, topographic map and DEM generation. The mass point cloud data obtained has high accuracy, which is more intuitive and visual than the 2D data obtained by traditional methods. The DEM model data and contour line data are more comprehensive in the later application direction.

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