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Application of 3D Laser in Metal Mining Measurement

Application of 3D Laser in Metal Mining Measurement


  With the demand for mine production efficiency and production safety, many mines have proposed the concept of digital mine, and the data demand for digital spatial 3D information in mining areas are becoming more and more urgent. 3D data, 3D models and other technologies have been gradually applied to daily production and safety in mines. Among them, it is difficult and inefficient to obtain 3D data information by traditional surveying and mapping methods, while 3D laser scanning technology can quickly obtain massive point clouds with its unique advantages, which is very suitable for complex and dangerous areas such as mines.

  1. Project Overview

  The operation area is an open-pit copper mine of 900*900m with a height difference of about 200m. The traditional operation method is relatively inefficient, and the operation process is cumbersome and the effectiveness is low. Therefore, the customer uses a 3D laser scanner for measurement.



The site environment of the mining area (about 950*900)㎡

  2. Project requirements

  Quickly obtain surface coordinates, produce digital elevation model DEM, contour and archive them, compare and analyze data after regular scanning, which is convenient for the development of mine design and development work.

  3. Solution

  The equipment used in this project is the HS series high-precision 3D laser scanner, which is a pulse-based terrestrial 3D laser scanning equipment, which is very suitable for large scene area surveying applications such as topographic mapping and mine survey.



  Product advantages: The equipment has a measurement accuracy of 5mm, the maximal measurement range can reach 1000m. The whole machine has IP64 protection grade, and can be used continuously above 4H. It has a built-in 240G solid state hard disk. This operation mainly collects the point cloud and panoramic view of the channel area.

  The supporting software has the functions of point cloud pre-processing, panoramic and point cloud registration and coloring, point cloud classification filtering, digital mapping, extraction of vector elements, volume calculation, early warning analysis , etc..

  4. Achievements display



Laser point cloud data of mining area



DEM data of mining area



Automatically generate contour lines

  5. Project summary

  The 3D laser scanner can efficiently and quickly obtain the 3D data information of the mine. For complex, dangerous, and inaccessible areas as well as the area limited by traditional measuring instruments, all-weather data collection can be carried out by using 3D laser scanner.

  The mass point cloud data obtained has high accuracy and is more intuitive and visual than the 2D data obtained by traditional methods. The obtained DEM model data, contour lines, pile volume and surface area and the comparison of the changes of the two-phase data are more comprehensive in later application direction.

  6. Products Recommended

  Hs i series 3D laser scanner

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