Fully master the core technology of 3D laser, and have formed the layout of a full series of 3D laser "sea, land and air" product lines.

SLAM 3D Laser Scanner

HERON LITE SLAM 3D Laser Scanner

The core components of Hi-Cloud Heron Lite portable mobile measurement system include: panoramic camera, laser scanner, inertial measurement unit, telescopic rod, external power supply, control board, Heron desktop (post-processing) and reconstruction software (registration and feature extraction). With the data acquisition rate of 300000 points/s, in a few seconds, the surveyor can obtain all features in the area with a diameter of 100 meters. The powerful patented SLAM algorithm can be adapted to any environment, whether indoor or outdoor, day or night, and easily obtain field scene data.




1、Automatic, easy to use

The scanner weighs 2.5kg and the control tablet weighs 1.4kg, making it easy for adult women to carry. The operation is simple and convenient, the time of the point cloud pre-processing is short, the degree of automation is high, manual intervention is also available, and the professional requirements for personnel are low.

2、Coherence, flexibility and integration

Reduce the complexity of measurement and the workload. Unnecessary of GPS signal, it can flexibly enter into the narrow space to collect data, it has the characteristic of consistency and can realize the integrated scanning operation indoor and outdoor, above ground and underground. Acquisition doesn’t need initialization, the acquisition trace doesn’t need close loop, namely stop and go.

3、 Long-term application, fast software update, high compatibility

It has been applied in Europe and other places for more than 10 years, the software is updated globally synchronously. It is compatible with many international mainstream tools, and supports DOM achievement data import.

4、Stable, efficient, free collocation

Adapt to a variety of environments, work for a long time with low failure rate, and can quickly obtain the required point cloud data with high data accuracy. It can be used with fixed station 3D laser system and airborne 3D laser system as required, which can ensure both accuracy and efficiency.

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